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The Changing Higher Ed podcasts are hosted by Dr. Drumm McNaughton, Principal Consultant and CEO of The Change Leader, a higher education consulting firm.

Aug 2, 2022

Dr. Drumm McNaughton interviews Artem Gulish and Katherine Peltier Campbell, colleagues at Georgetown University, and co-authors of a recent report The Uncertain Pathway from Youth to a Good Job. In this podcast, they discuss the hurdles young adults face transitioning from school to a good job. Younger generations are taking longer to land good jobs than previous generations. In this conversation, Gulish and Campbell discuss the causal factors and hurdles for young people and consider the additional disparities created by race, class, and gender. 

Podcast Highlights

  • Graduating students take longer than previous generations to get what Gulish and Campbell define as “a good job,” which enables them to pay back student loan debt and generate wealth over time.

  • The causal factors that prevent young adults from getting good jobs until their 30s include the rising costs of higher education, disparities in access to valuable work experience while in school, and a division between career counseling and student mentorship at many institutions.

  • Differences in gender, race, socio-economic status, and other factors cause some groups to find good jobs earlier than others. The onus is on institutions of higher education to fill the gaps that perpetuate inequality.

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Dr. Drumm McNaughton is a consultant for higher ed institutions and CEO of The Change Leader Higher Education Consulting firm. To find out more about his services and read other thought leadership pieces, visit his firm’s website,

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